Discovering, transmitting and sharing the beauty of the music for the organ are Saskia Roures’ main objectives. With these aims, she combines her activity as a concertist in addition to teaching at the Aragon Superior Conservatory of Music, for which she works as an Organ Professor since November 2008.

During the seven years that she taught at the Salamanca Superior Conservatory of Music as a Basso Continuo and Chamber Music Professor (2002-2008), Saskia was able to enjoy the pleasure of teaching; she elaborated an active pedagogical method in which technical precision, creativity and fantasy converged, respecting each student’s individuality at all times.

Her personal growth as a professor goes in parallel with her development as a concertist, performing in Spain, Portugal, Italy, Slovakia, Holland, Switzerland and Austria.

Two great maestros have been crucial in her education: José Luis González Uriol and Michael Radulescu. With the Aragonese maestro, she obtained the Superior Title (BA) in both Harpsichord Performance (1996) and Organ Performance (1998) at the Zaragoza Superior Conservatory, being awarded at the end of both degrees with the Degree Extraordinary Prize in both specialties. The period from 1998 to 2001 was of vital importance to her artistic development, as she studied Organ-concertismo (public concert skills and technique) with Professor Michael Radulescu at the University of Music and Performing Arts in Vienna. Likewise, she supplemented her education by studying Basso Continuo with Prof. Augusta Campagne.

In her zeal to find her way of expression and to develop her own language, Saskia regularly attends continuing-education courses in Spain, Switzerland, Italy and Austria, working with Montserrat Torrent, Daniel Roth, Jan Willen Jansen, Andrea Marcon, Jürgen Essl, Wofgang Glüxam and Jacques Ogg.

Translation: Elena Hernández